Monday, July 14, 2008

Twilight Movie Posters

I may hyperventilate....Summit Entertainment just called ME. They're putting out a little movie called Twilight in December. A few of you may have heard about it. Anyways, they're sending me mini Twilight movie posters for my Breaking Dawn Party (July 29 @ 4:30pm, featuring a special performance by The Bella Cullen Project--shameless plug). I sounded so calm on the phone, but I'll be honest--inside I was freaking out and jumping up & down. Apparently, Summit Entertainment saw the article on the band, so she contacted the band and they told them all the libraries they are playing at. I'm not sure how many they're sending, but you might just be lucky enough to get one. I know exactly where mine is going.

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i_love_fang94 said...

thats amazing!!! wow i cant believe that!