Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I may diss MTV a lot because they play more crappy reality tv than music videos the last time I checked, but they're giving my girls from The Bella Cullen Project a major nod. So I'll lay off them for the moment. Check out the article on MTV's site here with some great videos. Even better it was filmed at my hometown's library! The very one I went to when I was beyond little. YAY!!! Sadly, I had to miss it....I was working at my library instead :( But I'm definitely thinking it would be very cool to see one of their songs playing over the Twilight movie.


i_love_fang94 said...

ok for the betting on alice thing, yes! who wouldnt??? and for the band name- we decided on one! its called fall through november

i_love_fang94 said...

thanx:) how does it start?