Friday, December 5, 2008

Heavy Reading, Lemurs, & Devious Plotting

Okay, so I've been a bit MIA lately. But I've been reading! Well, and working too. So I have lots of reviews I need to post. But first, something I just had to share. My dad has an obsession with the website, I Can Has Cheezburger. He's always sending me amusing "library cats" that I can post on my wallpaper at work. Here's my favorite one so far.

My goal for the day is to change the background on every computer at our reference desks to my cat background. Ridiculous, I know...but it amuses me. Kinda like Maureen Johnson and her lemurs! Though I have yet to take it to her level of lemur insanity...

Anyways, I recently was introduced to another site that's not as great as Cheezburger, but it had this awesome picture that I know you will enjoy! The caption was "Heavy Reading." All I can say is--thank goodness they didn't add Breaking Dawn to the stack. The poor cat would have been crushed :-)

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